IF Campaign logo2Justina is the Diaspora Ambassador & Spokesperson for the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF Campaign, a coalition of over 200 major and leading UK development organizations and charities working to end world hunger by appealing to the G8 to revise policies that contribute to the acceleration of world hunger.

In addition to being Diaspora Ambassador and Spokesperson, Justina also sits on the G8 Working Group; the Media Working Group; as well as the Diaspora Working Group tasked with Public Engagement for the IF Campaign, in which high profile world personalities and celebrities including Bill Gates, Achbishop Desmond Tutu and David Beckham among many others from politics, film, television and sport are also involved.

As Diaspora Ambassador and Spokesperson, Justina was part of the Diaspora delegation to the official office and residence of the British Prime Minister, No. 10 Downing Street, to deliver a message from the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF Campaign to the British Prime Minister to convey to the G8 at its 2013 Summit in Ireland.

No.10 Photo6


As a member organization, Justina’s organisation, POSITIVE RUNWAY organized the IF Campaign FASHION AGAINST HUNGER Catwalk Show, as part of the youth mobilization efforts in the lead up to the BIG IF LONDON Event held at Hyde Park London and ahead of the G8 Summit in Ireland.

The BIG IF LONDON Event attracted a crowd of over 50,000 people who travelled from all over the UK and Europe to demonstrate against the root causes of hunger in London’s Hyde Park on June 8th 2013.

Website: http://enoughfoodif.org/



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