Justina is the Honorary Ambassador for Gender Equality and Spokesperson for the The International World Think Tank (IWTT), which promotes intellectual research, critical thinking and innovative solutions on issues related to women and girls.

As the world becomes more global, IWTT works to empower women and girls by increasing intercultural understanding, driving economic growth, exploring collaborative opportunities and partnerships that uplift the human condition and improve the quality of life.

IWTT’s International Women’s Center seeks to support the enrichment of women and girls of the global community through a strong and active network system, mentorship, intercultural exchange, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership training and sharing of information.

Africa's Shinning Beacon

As Honorary Ambassador and Spokesperson, Justina is the official spokesperson to promote Gender Equality and is involved in IWTT’s strategic planning. She also ensures IWTT Brand exposure and promotion of the work of the IWTT through public service announcements, media representation through television appearances, videos, reports, publications and social media.

IWTT’s Honorary Ambassadors are famous celebrities and prominent people who exert influence and are willing to do their utmost to mobilize support to empower women and to articulate IWTT’s message of hope among the general public and among their industry.

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