The Justina Mutale Foundation, a brainchild of Justina Mutale, African Woman of the Year 2012 and Global Ambassador for Gender Equality at the International Women’s Think Tank, has partnered with the European School of Economics (ESE) to offer Business and Leadership Scholarships; and also with Rai University of India, to offer STEM Scholarships (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to academically talented underprivileged young women from Africa.

Justina Speak

“We all need to acknowledge that our Governments do not have all the answers, nor the requisite resources to solve the problems that our Continent faces regarding educating our youth, especially our young women and girls”, says Justina Mutale

Recipients of the ESE Scholarship would be able to study International Business and Leadership at any of the six ESE campuses in different cities including London, New York, Madrid, Florence and Rome. Rai University has several campuses in India, including Ahmedabad and Bangalore, at which Scholarship recipients can study STEM subjects.

“Our scholarship programmes aims to give young women from Africa an opportunity of a lifetime. Cross-cultural learning and studying abroad can be transformative to one’s future and outlook on life”, says Ms Mutale, who is lending her name to the Scholarship Programme.

The first recipients of the “Justina Mutale Scholarship” will be identified within the next few months to prepare them to take up their studies in at Rai University in India and at the European School of Economics in Italy, in August and October 2016, respectively.

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder & President of the European School of Economics and Author of the “School for Gods”

We want to make the world a better place and this is why we are very much interested in educating people. We cater for both women and men at our school. We need to have leaders in all the fields that can change the world”, says Professor Elio D’Anna, ESE Founder & President.

Justina Mutale said this special scholarship has been founded to equip women with practical skills, knowledge and information to bridge the gender gap. The high poverty levels in Africa have contributed to the low number of female students in universities and colleges. She said the scholarship would help women acquire tertiary education and prepare them to take up leadership positions to help Africa realise the aspirations of Agenda 2063 and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

Harbeen2“We believe in the power of women uniting and uplifting the world. This is why we are focused on educating and giving the girl-child the necessary education to empower them to become effective world leaders”, said Dr Harbeen Arora, female Chancellor of Rai University.

The Justina Mutale Foundation will be assisted in administering the Scholarship Programme by Diaspora for African Development (DfAD).

As African Diaspora development activists, despite our awareness that the changes we aspire to see on the continent might not come to pass in our life time, we have willingly accepted our responsibility to make the necessary sacrifices required to plant and nurture the seeds that will foster this change for the next generation”, Says Chibwe Henry, DfAD Founder & CEO.



For more information contact:

Fatoumatta Diaraye Diallo

Programmes Development Officer

Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership

Email: management@justinamutale.com

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