Justina Mutale has been appointed Vice-President of the United Kingdom’s National Alliance of Women’s Organisations, an umbrella organisation for over 100 organisations and individuals in the United Kingdom, concerned to ensure women and girls gain access to their human rights, and to make equality between women and men a reality.

The organisation boasts a diverse membership which includes: single issue to specialist organisations, faith groups, health centres, arts-based organisations and others offering services and campaigning across a range of women and girls’ concerns. The organisation works to ensure that women and girls’ voices are heard and attended to nationally in the UK, in Europe and internationally, and to ensure that gender is mainstreamed throughout all government policies and in their implementation.

“I am honoured to receive this appointment and to be part of an organisation that works to serve the interests of women and girls in the UK and around the world”, Says Justina Mutale


Dr. Mutale has been globally acclaimed as one of the most influential and inspirational women of African origin. In 2012, Dr Mutale was awarded the prestigious title of ‘African Woman of the Year’ sharing a platform with various African Presidents and Heads of State.

She is the Founder & President of the Justina Mutale Foundation and its Scholarship Programme for young women and girls from Africa.  Through her Foundation, Dr. Mutale advocates for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, including women’s political participation and the economic empowerment of women through trade, business and enterprise by providing leadership and entrepreneurship training and mentorship. She also advocates for the retention and completion of tertiary education for young women and girls from rural and disadvantaged families in Africa by providing them with university scholarships to access higher education around the world.

Dr Mutale has extensive experience working on gender issues. She serves as Global Envoy for Gender Equality at the International Women’s Think Tank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. The Think Tank promotes intellectual research, critical thinking and innovative solutions on issues related to women and girls; and works to empower women and girls by increasing intercultural understanding, driving economic growth, exploring collaborative opportunities and partnerships that uplift the human condition and improve the quality of life. The Think Tank’s International Women’s Centre supports the enrichment of women and girls of the global community through a strong and active network system, mentorship, intercultural exchange, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership training and sharing of information.

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Prior to founding her own organisation, Dr Mutale worked in the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Gender Section, which addresses gender equality, gender mainstreaming and the empowerment of women and girls across the 54 Commonwealth member countries spread across the globe.

Dr Mutale is a regular Civil Society Speaker, Delegate and Parallel Event Convenor at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women held in New York; as well as the African Union’s High-Level Panel on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women & Girls, held in the wings of the African Union Heads of State Summit in Addis Ababa; and the Commonwealth Women’s Forum held in the wings of the Commonwealth Heads of State Summit in London. She is also a published author and co-author of various books and publications on women’s leadership; and is a highly sought after international Keynote Speaker at various fora around the world that address Gender, Political, Economic, Social and African issues.

Dr Mutale has been honoured for her outstanding and phenomenal leadership qualities as a Stateswoman, Global Woman Leader of the Year, and Iconic Woman Leader of the Decade. She serves as President, Patron, Ambassador, Trustee, Advisor, Board Director, Founding Partner, Consultant and Mentor to several organisations in the UK and across the globe.


  1. Congratulations Dr. Justina Mutale for all your achievements and your recent appointment as the Vice-President of the United Kingdom’s National Alliance of Women’s Organisations. You have certainly made proud the Zambian women.
    #Power to Sisterhood🎉

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