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Oxford, 25 August 2014: Justina Mutale will be a Panel Speaker at the Resource Alliance’s Future Leaders Programme, which will be held at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, from Monday 25th – Friday 29th August 2014.

Under the theme “Transforming Middle and Senior Managers into Future Leaders, the Future Leaders Programme has been designed to enable participants to discover their potential, explore the demands of leadership and develop the necessary skills to lead effectively.

The oragnisers of the Programme, the Resource Alliance has drawn on its unique position and knowledge of the non-profit sector to design the Future Leaders Programme, which is aimed at meeting the career development needs of middle and senior managers seeking to become leaders within the sector by providing a platform to access training and coaching specifically tailored to their needs.  The Future Leaders Programme explores the demands of leadership and the skills required to lead effectively with special sensitivity to the needs of the non-profit sector.

Studying with some of the best names in the field of leadership education, programme participants will have daily opportunities to identify and confront their own challenges, supported by people of note and reputation in the world of NGOs, who will bring programme participants to a new level of knowledge and capability.

“The challenge for non-profit sector leaders is not only to ensure that the daily work is completed and to a high standard, but to also win the commitment of their teams, because many of the talented and dedicated staff and volunteers who work within our sector do so for the noble cause of improving others’ lives, rather than working for the money or personal advancement. To be effective, NGO leaders need to inspire people to go the extra mile and to take work performance far beyond what is dreamed possible. The ability to inspire others to give themselves unreservedly to the mission is not a management technique, but a leadership one”. Says Justina Mutale, in an article for Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine.

Ms Mutale, whose organisation POSITIVE RUNWAY runs a worldwide HIV/AIDS response campaign will be a Guest Leader and Panelist, together with David Milton, Head of Fundraising at the Association for International Cancer Research.  Other Speakers and coaches include Professor Nigel Nicholson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School; Deena Mitchell, Independent Executive Coach and Facilitator at the Windsor Leadership Trust; Laura Hayes, Executive Coach and Organisational Change Manager; and Kate Ng, Independent Coach on the Executive and MBA Programmes at the London Business School and former Strategy Consultant, Business Developer and General Manager.

A core component of the Programme is an intensive five-day residential course, which will lead programme participants on a personal journey through the individual dimensions of their own leadership style and explore the organisational aspects of leading change and shaping corporate culture.

The Future Leaders Programme will also include an Expert Panel Discussion and Elective Workshop on Fundraising and Campaign Design.  Programme participants will be working with their peers in small study groups and supported by their own dedicated executive coach.

Now in its second year, the Future Leaders Programme 2014 is an exciting and innovative course, aimed at transforming middle and senior managers into future leaders.  Through a 360-degree feedback model, and working with an executive coach, programme participants will be presented with an environment in which to discover the strengths and weaknesses they possess and need to become an effective leader.  Participants will also be encouraged to develop a Personal Action Plan for taking their leadership capability to the next level and, unique to this programme, individual participants will work with a personal coach who will guide the participant over a period of 12-weeks towards the participant successfully fulfilling this promise to themselves.

For more information visit: http://www.resource-alliance.org/data/files/Learning_and_development/Future_Leaders_Prospectus_-_web_version.pdf

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