Justina Mutale, African Woman of the Year and Founder/CEO of POSITIVE RUNWAY: The Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS has been invited as a Lead Speaker at the Women Economic Forum, which will be held in Goa, India from 7-11 May 2015.

Justina Mutale

Justina Mutale

Ms Mutale, who is also Gender Equality Ambassador & Spokesperson for the International Women’s Think Tank and an International Keynote Speaker, will lead the discussion on Thinking Beyond The Possible: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and the African Philosophy of Ubuntu”, which will argue that “Great still has to come from Africa – giving the world a more human face to bring about the understanding of the primary values of intense humanness, sharing, respect, compassion and associated values in a globalised competitive world”.

Ms Mutale will also be a Panel Speaker, together with Turkey’s Ambassador to India, her Excellency Dr Burak Akçapar; and Indian Member of Parliament, Dr Chandra Mitra on the Plenary Topic of “A World View Roundup of International Relationships, Trade and Security”.

“It is an honour and a privilege to Speak at the Women Economic Forum, an initiative that aims to elevate the status of women in the 21st Century.  The Forum will bring to the fore pertinent issues that have held women back for centuries, and will empower women around the world to achieve gender equality”, says Justina Mutale.

Dr Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson of the ALL Ladies League and Women Economic Forum

Dr Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson of the ALL Ladies League and Women Economic Forum

The Women Economic Forum, which is endorsed by the President of India, The Rt. Hon. Shri Praban Mukherjee and other world leaders and dignitaries from other parts of the world, is an annual meeting ground for women leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world.  The Forum  will bring together 400 women delegates from 30 countries, including senior Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ambassadors, High Commissioners and other VIPs, dignitaries and celebrities from the world of Media, Fashion, Film and Business.

“The Women Economic Forum is not just a Forum. It is a womb for a new world order”, says Dr Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson of the All Ladies League and the Women Economic Forum.

Through contact with achievers, innovators, policymakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and global thinkers, the Women Economic Forum integrates and opens up multiple intelligences by engagement with a range of fields like business, technology, education governance, etc.

The Forum is organised by the ALL Ladies League, the world’s first-of-its-kind all-inclusive international women’s chamber and a global movement dedicated to the expansion of well-being, wealth and welfare for all.  With over 100 chapters worldwide, the overarching objective of the Ladies League is to exponentially enhance women’s leadership and women’s friendship locally and globally so that women become proactive agents of change in all spheres of self and society, by upholding the feminine values of care, concern, courage, positive thinking, warm heartedness, commitment and collaboration, and of course shunning negativity and elitism of any kind.

Women Economic Forum Goa

Other Speakers at the Women Economic Forum include Shri Baba Kalyani, Chairman & Managing Director of Bharat Forge; Zarina Stanford, Vice-President, Power Systems Marketing, IBM Asia Pacific; Poonam Dhillon, Award-Winning Indian Hindi Film, Theatre and Television Actress; Madhur Bhandarkar, Award-Winning Indian Film Director; Wendy Luhabe, Founder & Chairperson Women Private Equity Fund of South Africa; Dhruv Shringi, Co-Founder & CEO, Tatra.com; Rita Lustgarten, CEO, Women on the Leading Edge Inc of USA; Alok Bansal, Co-Founder & CFO, Policybazaar.com and Denise O’Brien, co-ordinator of POSITIVE RUNWAY: Hollywood Red Ribbon Models & CEO of DOME Entertainment & Consulting of Los Angeles.

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